Monday, October 13, 2008


The Avenger archetype is related to other archetypes such as the Warrior and the Hero.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Little red riding hood is a fairy-tale that has the Avenger archetype in it. At the end of the story the man with an axe comes in and cuts grandma out of the wolf.

Symbols of the Archetype

This is the Japanese kanji symbol for revenge. (Fukushuu)

Current Events

The Avenger archetype take place in history many times. The oldest civilisation used revenge as a form of punishment. Like if someone were to kill someone else, that person would be killed as punishment for their crime. That concept is still in use to day in some states.


Byron Yee's "Paper Son"

Leaving behind my writing brush and removing my sword, I came to America.

Who was to know two streams of tears would flow upon arriving here?

If there comes a day when I will have attained my ambition and become successful,

I will certainly behead the barbarians and spare not a single blade of grass.

"Paper Son" by Byron Yee shows the Avenger archetype because he is seeking revenge on something. "I will certainly behead the barbarians and spare not a single blade of grass. "

Art Work

This picture shows The Avenger archetype because the duck is getting revenge on the hunters.



In the game Grand Theft Auto 4 Niko Bellic is seeking revenge on a person that served in the war with him. This person double crossed his platoon and everyone was killed.

The Punisher : The Avenger Archetype in Literature an Film

The Punisher is The Avenger archetype. He was at a family reunion when all of a sudden a gang of people came and murdered all of his family. He was the only one to survive. He then goes and finds and kills everyone that was involved. Then he spends the rest of his days avenging all of those who have ever been done wrong.